• During an emergency, natural or man-made disasters, clean healthy water may not be readily available and water filters are not recommended...

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  • The boiler features an exclusive AquaFill Float system that adds water automatically as needed.
  • Included features are a commercial grade filter, glass collection bottle, boiling tank cleaner, air & water tight storage bucket with a screw-on lid, and a free copy of the worldwide Amazon/Kindle book, "Distilled Water & Health" by Douglas C. Hoover.
  • Last but not least, if it wasn't already the most efficient, state-of-the-art non-electric water distiller available at a guaranteed best price, it also comes with a $40 Coleman-style propane camp stove and a $40 HM Digital Model COM-80 TDS/EC Meter!

  • ​​SurvivorStill is stainless steel, fully automatic, non-electronic, emergency water purification appliance that purifies any polluted, water using any heat source.
  • ​Aquamedia is a pioneer in the field of water distillation purification systems and prides itself on marketing only the best products.
  • The safest and most healthy water available on the market today is distilled water, with the best value being Crystal Distilled by Distillation Station.

How Does it Work?



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What Is A SurvivorStillTM

The SurvivorStill functions the same way as the Earth's hydrologic cycle... the simple process of turning water into gas as the sun heats the earth, the water evaporates into the atmosphere leaving all of the germs, bacteria and pollutants behind. The the pure water vapor molecules condense and fall back to earth as distilled water or H2O. If the atmosphere wasn't so polluted, the falling rain would be pure, clean distilled water. 

The SurvivorStill does the same thing, except the process takes place in a closed, protected environment.

  1. The polluted water is boiled, killing all of the germs, bacteria, disease, cysts etc.
  2. Then the water vapor evaporates leaving behind all pollutants.
  3. The water vapor is then condensed back into pure, clean, healthy distilled water inside the stainless steel condenser coils; 
  4. and then it passes through a fine carbon filter where any volatile gases may be present.
  5. The pure distilled  water is then collected in a glass collection bottle.

History has also shown that in the first 3-5 days following a disaster, there are more deaths related to dehydration and the consumption of polluted water than from the disaster's immediate effects.

  • ​Water is the first thing survivors ask for after a disaster, next is food.
  • Humans can live 60 or more days without food but only 3-5 days without water. 

History continually repeats itself, to no avail, regarding the past. Very few people learn precious few valuable lessons. Every human on earth is subject to natural or man-made disasters, which can occur at any time of day or night.

SurvivorStill  was designed and engineered by one of Aquamedia's Group Partnership Companies, Distillation Station, established in 1976 in Bill's IGA grocery,  Brooklyn, MI.

  • Not only are survival non-electric water distillers recommended during emergencies, SurvivorStill  is the most efficient and the only fully automatic one.
  • SurvivorStill  consists of only two models -- the Economy model SS-5 and the Ultimate model SS-6.

Aquamedia takes pride in producing the only all stainless steel, fully automatic, non- electric water distiller on the market. SurvivorStill has won:

SurvivorStill Ultimate SS-6

SurvivorStill Economy SS-5