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There is no other trade that can bring returns of 60% to 80% net profit consistently. May this book bring you much joy, pleasure and financial security.
"When I rebuild my water garden I am going to have it done according to Doug's recommendation, with oncrete and rebar. His construction manual is priceless."

Doug, Thank you so much for everything... I'm writing this to let other people know how I feel about you. For years, I had wanted a natural rock pondless waterfall in my back yard. At first I planned to place it up the hillside.

Unfortunately I did not take his advice and made the mistake of telling the contractor my intentions. He paniced and offered me $2,200.00 and I quickly said yes. After the fact I realized I could have gotten all my money if I had just listened to Doug and taken all his advice. I never should have bought a rubber liner pondless waterfall.. He also put it far too close to the house. As a result of the leaks saturating the house’s foundation, I now have termites. I paid another $400 to get rid of them.

But then I realized I could situate it a few feet from the back door.I received three or four bids from local companies I found in the Yellow Pages—all were about the same, but one stood out for his design work. I called him and soon I had a ten foot stream with three waterfalls dropping into a gravel pit. He built it with a rubber liner. I paid $4,000.
For the first month, it worked great. The pump shut off when the water level fell too low—I only needed to fill it every three days. Then, suddenly, it needed filling every day. I called the contractor and he promised to fix it. But he never showed up. Within a month, it didn’t even last a day. Then when I filled it, the pump didn’t start. If I waited a few days, then filled it, the pump worked again. After dozens of calls, the contractor did come out. He moved around a few rocks, looked at the pump and left. It was better—for a day. I started calling again. He promised to come out and didn’t. He finally stopped picking up the phone.
In the meantime, I started doing some research. I found out that the problem had to be the rubber liner. I found Doug at watergardenauthority.com and obtained his construction manual. By purchasing his book I discovered he gives out his private cell phone number for consultation. Doug was right , he said it was probably some type of burrowing animal. When the liner was removed we discovered a mouse had chewed through the liner and was living beneath it. Doug asked me if the liner guy had disclosed the truth about liners and the negative aspects and when I replied, no the contractor never mentiontion this possibility when using a liner. Because of this fact alone, Doug recommended suing in small claims court.

I'm so thankful for Doug Hoover and the many hours of consulting and advice he rendered for free. When I rebuild my water garden I am going to have it done according to Doug's recommendation. Concrete and rebar. His construction manual is priceless. Doug is truly a "Master Waterfall Builder" and a Professional in this field. I highly recommend his book, training course and services. With Warmest Regards, Debbie Johnson, Ph.D.

Douglas Hoover, M.W.B. (Master Waterfall Builder) will teach you step by step using hundreds of photos and illustrations using all the tips and necessary secrets that took him over twenty-nine years of experience, and well over 2000 projects to learn: How to design, engineer, lay out, construct and maintain a natural waterfall and pond. 

Therefore, every project shown in this book is his, every photograph was taken by him, and every illustration was drawn by him. He will share many of his techniques, ideas and several innovative products.

This manual not only teaches you the proper methods and techniques, but will teach you an amazing craft that will return more net profit than absolutely any trade in the industry.

Douglas speaks from experience - his own!

Learn how to  professionally construct a 

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